Are you one of those people suffering from chronic knee pain? So am I. Below im going to share some useful tips on how to cope with . Get ready to read useful information 😛

So I suppose you are aware of the fact that when its going to rain you will be experiencing pain. Yea, that’s awful. What I do is get a pill to ease the pain and it doesn’t show up again .

When you have been walking too much or you have been active for too long again you may feel pain. In most of the cases this is the cause of the knee pain i feel. What i do to treat this kind of pain is having a nice hot shower and enough sleep. It almost causes the pain disappear.

Another common cause of knee pain is exposing your knee to coldness. When I expose my pain to coldness i feel mild to moderate discomfort and pain in the knee. However it seems to dissappear fast.  If the this type of pain doesn’t disappear you should take a hot shower.  It will work – I promise :P!

if you feel chronic pain for no reason and it’s moderate you should consider  consulting a doctor or even undergoing a surgery. Otherwise you should live and cope with the pain for your whole life. ( which will be unpleasant)

Now, its your turn to describe how you treat your pain and what causes your pain. Feel free to ask me anything i will be glad to help you : P !


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